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Vitruvian Park EXCLUSIVE!

Welcome, Vitruvian Park folks!

We’re so excited to now have a co-op style produce pickup location (a.k.a. “Urban Acres farm stand”) at Vitruvian Park!  The first produce pickup there will be Saturday, June 16th.

As our special thanks to our Vitruvian Park friends, we’re offering you a special intro price of $45 to join Urban Acres and start receiving the very best local and organic produce!

The $45 intro price includes:

  • One-year membership to Urban Acres ($50 value)
  • First half-share of produce (approximately 15 pounds – $30 value)
  • One-time bin-rental fee ($14 value)

That’s a $94 value for just $45!  By filling out this special Vitruvian Park signup form, you will be enrolling in your first produce pickup at our Addison location at Vitruvian Park, which will continue on an ongoing basis every two weeks.  After the initial half-share that’s included in your intro price, you may choose to continue getting a half share, or upgrade to a full share.  You’re automatically charged for your produce every two weeks – $30 for half share or $50 for a full share.    {Please note, you are always paying in advance for the next share, which allows us to purchase the produce for you.  So on your first pickup date, you will be charged as advance payment for your second share.}

Shortly after you fill out the signup form, we will email you to confirm your first pickup date and give you all the details!

** HURRY!  Special $45 offer expires Monday, June 25th at 5pm.  After that, regular pricing will apply.

>> Join now.

How it works…

The produce is “co-op style,” meaning that it’s an ongoing commitment once you join, and you are responsible for picking up your share every two weeks at Vitruvian Park, our Addison farm stand location.

You simply come and pick up your share every two weeks – it’s that simple!  No spending hours at the supermarket trying to decide which fruits and veggies to buy.  We do our best to choose a variety of ALL organic fruits & veggies, including as much local Texas produce and in-season items as we can.  We also email and post recipes each week to help you make the most of your produce!

Go to the produce pickup calendar for a schedule of all upcoming pickup days.

See photos of our wonderful team of volunteers sorting the produce.

See video of what the produce sort looks like.

>> Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Benefits

In addition to having access to the co-op style produce, your one-year membership also includes:

  • 5% off every in-store purchase at our store
  • In-store “Rooster Deals” – these are specials for extra savings.  
  • Exclusive product offers (such as fresh Thanksgiving turkeys or first dibs on Texas heirloom tomatoes)

If you have any questions, please email us at and we’d be happy to help!

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