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Tastes Like Apple Pie In A Cup…

October 30, 2012

This might be the most delicious warm drink you’ve ever had…it tastes like apple pie in a cup!

Big B’s 100% organic apple cider (from a family farm in Colorado)…


R.W. Knudsen organic mulling spices


Mill-King Creamery low-pasteurized whipping cream (from their dairy farm in Waco)



Here’s how to make “apple pie in a cup”:

  1. Pour cider into a saucepan with a bag of mulling spices (1 bag of mulling spices per serving).  Warm the cider over medium until steaming.
  2. Meanwhile, making whipped cream (here’s how to make whipped cream if you don’t already know).  To the whipped cream, add a sprinkle of cinnamon and a few drops of liquid Stevia (or other sweetener of your choice, if you’d like).
  3. Pour hot spiced cider into a big mug and top with a giant scoop of cinnamon whipped cream.
  4. Wrap up in a blanket and enjoy!
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