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The Home Grown Farm – Where Your Food Comes From

August 10, 2012

We’d like to introduce to our friends at The Home Grown Farm in Waco, TX, where much of your local produce comes from.  This past summer, our co-op style produce shares have enjoyed their wonderful heirloom cherry tomatoes and green beans.  This weekend, we’ll be including some local okra from The Home Grown Farm in the produce shares.

The Home Grown Farm is a small family farm run by Brandon Tull.  Brandon is a second generation farmer, and the family farm produces a variety of vegetables,  all natural meat, eggs and bread.   The Tull family was raised in the country and were taught from an early age how to care for animals and take care of the land.  It has become a deep desire to apply those teachings from so long ago and share it with their family and friends.

Brandon Tull showing the last of the cauliflower harvest this winter

  • If you’d like to further support The Home Grown Farm, you can like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.
  • Make the most of your local okra from The Home Grown Farm – check out our post on 5 Ways To Eat Local Okra.

We hope you enjoy the Home Grown Farm’s produce, and we thank you for supporting Texas family farmers! ♥

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