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Heirloom Orangeglo Watermelon – Return Your Seeds for $2 Store Credit!

July 14, 2012

Texas Heirloom Orangeglo Watermelon

Orangeglo Watermelon is one of the best-tasting and most unusual melons today.  And we have a whole bin of them right now that were grown and harvested by our friends Jacky and Cindy Morrison from Morrison Organic Farm in Cleburne, TX!  Purchase a Texas heirloom Orangeglo watermelon from us, and as a special thank-you from the farmer, you will receive $2 store credit when you return your seeds to us!  Just wash them, lay out to dry on a paper towel, then bring them back to us in a bag.

Orangeglo watermelon seeds are very difficult to find.  So to continue growing them, the farmer needs to save the seeds from a watermelon to keep the cycle going.  And YOU can help them by returning your seeds!

More info on the Orangeglo Watermelon from…

The Morrisons at “Meet Your Farmer Day” at Urban Acres

“Put 10 people in a room with the  watermelon and you’ll get 10 opinions about the flavor: Some say it tastes like cantaloupe, others claim mango, and still more will insist that it is a combination of pear and papaya. I can detect all of these, but it has a chameleonlike way of changing flavor depending on what you serve with it. No matter, the taste is exotic, crisp, refreshing and excellent combined with figs.

The story of ‘Orangeglo’ watermelon goes back to the 1960s in Poolville, Texas, where it was developed by the Willhite Seed Co., which is well-known for its many varieties of watermelon. Over the years, ‘Orangeglo’ has proved itself through its huge popularity with small growers, and remains, hands down, one of the best-tasting of all the orange-yellow varieties. With rich, pumpkin-colored flesh, this orange watermelon possesses one of the fruitiest of aromas and a sorbetlike texture that makes it excellent for frozen desserts.”

So start eatin’ and spittin’ out those seeds!  See you soon!

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