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Member Highlight: Cassie Vincent // Individual Fruit Tarts Recipe

June 30, 2012

Since joining Urban Acres about 4 months ago, I have lost almost 20 pounds and lots of inches! I am living proof that you are what you eat. My health has improved dramatically.  ~ Cassie Vincent

It’s time to get to know more of your fellow Urban Acres members(see how to become a member here.)

Cassie Vincent

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Cassie Vincent from our Oak Cliff location.  Cassie has an amazing success story to share since she’s started eating lots of local, organic produce.  She also has some great produce tips to share.  So without further ado…

Cassie, tell us what inspired you to become a part of Urban Acres.  
I really wanted to embrace a healthier lifestyle and eat more locally grown foods. Supporting local farms and small businesses is very important to me.

When and why did you decide to start eating real, wholesome food?
I have been eating more wholesome food for over a year now, but the first of this year is when I really started to take things seriously and cut out the junk. I saw a picture of myself at a friend’s baby shower and you really can’t tell which one of us was pregnant. I realized it was time for a change. Since joining Urban Acres about 4 months ago, I have lost almost 20 pounds and lots of inches! I am living proof that you are what you eat. My health has improved dramatically.

What is your favorite part about the “co-op style” produce?
All the new recipes that I have discovered! I’ve eaten okra all my life, but never COOKED with it! I love going through my share and seeing veggies that I’ve never cooked with before. It has made me a much more adventurous cook.

What’s your favorite produce tip/trick?
I keep all my produce stored according to how long it will keep. I have the greens in the front of my refrigerator so I use them first and the foods that keep longer go toward the back. This helps to avoid wasting produce.

If/when you do eat out, what is one of your favorite restaurants in Dallas?
There are several restaurants that I love, but the best one for members of Urban Acres would probably be Kalachandjis. Everything they serve is vegan. Its AMAZING, and I find their food to be very helpful in inspiring me in my own kitchen. They prove that vegan is NOT bland. There is a tremendous respect for the produce and you can taste it.

Do you grow any food at home?  If so, what’s growing in your garden right now?
My husband says that I have a “brown thumb!” I can’t get mold to grow! That’s why I NEED Urban Acres!

What is your favorite fruit?  Favorite veggie?   Why?
That’s a toughie. I love blood oranges. Any time I see one, I have to have it. I also really love cucumbers. I could probably live on blood orange juice and cucumber sandwiches.

What is your favorite site to get recipes from?
The Food Network website. They have lots of off-beat and creative recipes. I never follow recipes exactly though. I always change them up a little bit to make them my own.

Do you have any produce tips for our other members?  What would you say to other members who are still trying to figure out this “co-op style produce” thing?  Anything to inspire them?
Clean and bag everything as soon as you get home. If you set the share down and try to deal with it later, it seems like a much more arduous task. Also, don’t think of storing the produce as a chore; be glad that you have so much fresh, local, BEAUTIFUL produce to eat!

Please share your current favorite “real food recipe” with us.
I’d like to share my Individual Fruit Tarts recipe.  It’s super, super easy!

Cassie Vincent’s Individual Fruit Tarts

Individual Fruit Tarts


Refrigerated pie crust (the kind that you roll out, not the kind in the freezer section)
In-season fruit (anything but melons)
Local honey (optional)


Cut the pie crust in to strips that fit into a each hole in a cupcake tin. Put a piece of the pie crust in all the individual holes.  Dice the fruit and toss with local honey.  Put the fruit inside the individual pie crusts and bake at 350 for 10-12 mins.  As long as you are using seasonal fruit, you really don’t need sugar or anything else! My favorite fruits to use are peaches, plums and cherries.

Thanks so much, Cassie!  We are so glad to have you as a part of Urban Acres!

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