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5 Ways To Eat Local Okra

June 11, 2012

So you’ve got lots of local okra to eat…now what?

Here are 5 ways to eat and enjoy it!

1) Raw with Grandma’s Humus

Did you know you can eat okra raw?  And it’s deliciously crunchy!  Just dip your raw okra spears into Grandma’s Humus from our store, which is made in Austin.  Good stuff.  Great snack for kids, too.

2) Okra “Fries”

Okra fries //

You roast these in the oven, and you’ll quite possibly be addicted to them once you try them.  Here are breaded and non-breaded versions.

3) Fried Okra with Ranch

Fried okra //

If you live in the South, you simply must know how to make fried okra.  The cornmeal is what makes it so delicious.  Here are a few ways to make it:

4) Okra Gumbo

Chicken and sausage okra gumbo

Here’s a wonderful gumbo recipe using our Texas okra and tasty pork sausage. This is a great meal to make ahead of time, because the flavor will continue to develop hours after it cooks.   Mmmmm.

5) Spicy Okra with Indian Spices

Photo: Lygia Waters //

We have UA member Lygia Waters to thank for this recipe!  Looks easy too!

Enjoy your Texas okra, and let us know if you have any other recipe ideas!

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