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Sprouting Workshop on April 21st – Soaking Grains & Beans, Making Homemade Almond & Coconut Milk

April 12, 2012

Please join us and 24 Carrot Health at another upcoming sprouting workshop at Urban Acres!  The fermenting classes we’ve had so far have been great!

Sprouting Workshop On April 21st
Do It Yourself – Soaking, Sprouting, and Nut Milk

Spring is the perfect time to eat your sprouts. When you know how to sprout you always have access to fresh local food. Come learn about the benefits of soaking your grains and beans before cooking, how you can improve the nutritional profile of your food, and make it more easily digestible. Nut and seed milks, a soaked food, will also be covered. This class will save you a ton of money on making your own homemade almond and coconut milk and show you how to customize your own for personalized flavor.

We’ll be pulling back the curtain and removing the mystery from sprouting. You’ll see how it’s all done, get the information you need to get started, and lots of recipes and ideas for your sprouts.

See you there!

PLEASE NOTE: Because workshop materials must be purchased in advance, they are unable to refund your purchase.

WHEN: Saturday, April 21st, 4-6pm

WHERE: Urban Acres Farm Store – 1301 B West Davis St, Dallas, TX 75208

COST: $35/person

>> Register now


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