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Spring Potluck Reminder & Tabouli Recipe

March 29, 2012

Don’t forget to register for our Urban Acres Spring Potluck – it’s this Saturday, March 31st!  We can’t wait to taste your recipes!

In the spirit of sharing recipes, here’s a Tabouli recipe submitted by Urban Acres member, Ellie Heiman, using ingredients from her co-op style produce share.  Enjoy!

Says Ellie, “Just wanted to send a quick email to let you know we really enjoyed the parsley & romaine in Saturday’s share.  Attaching a pic of the tabouli that made my pregnant mouth and stomach oh so happy – that’s not to imply that I ate it all by myself – LOL!”

Ellie says she didn’t really go off an exact recipe, but here’s a guideline:

Ellie’s Tabouli


1 cup Dry Bulgur – soaked for an hour in cold water, drained & rinsed and then soaked for another hour in lemon juice and drained again
1 head of romaine (from our Saturday share) cut into smallish strips
1 bunch of parsley (again from Saturday’s share) chopped into smallish bits
1 de-seeded cucumber cut into small cubes
6-8 grape tomatoes


I think the above can be customized as needed – this just happens to be what I sort of threw together.  I know some people use spring onions, black pepper, less lemon – more lemon…this is just what my pregnant self came up with using items I had on hand.

I combined everything in a large bowl and squeezed another lemon over it and drizzled maybe 3 tbsp of olive oil.   It was delicious!

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