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Welcome, Cultivar Coffee!

December 2, 2011

We’re proud to welcome another local Dallas-based artisan to Urban Acres – Cultivar Coffee & Tea!

Cultivar Coffee & Tea was pioneered by Jonathan Meadows and Nathan Shelton who appreciate every coffee for what it truly is and are committed to taking whatever steps necessary to highlight the amazing, unique character in every coffee. They are committed to both quality and sustainability, bringing both ideals hand-in-hand; bringing a new level of care, attention to detail and socio-economic responsibility to the world of coffee.

Cultivar sources only the best coffee they can find and believes that their job as coffee roasters is to highlight the sweet spot in every single coffee they offer. Cultivar roasts and cups every coffee in celebration of the the hard work that coffee producers have put into their crop year round, respecting the processes that have gone before them and the preparation and consumption of the coffee that will take place once it is in your hands.

Because of the hard work that goes into producing coffee; from origin to roaster, Cultivar is also committed to educating their customers on properly brewing the coffees that they roast.  All coffee is roasted and delivered to Urban Acres fresh!  Come try some today.

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