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There’s a New Milk In Town!

November 23, 2011

We’d like to introduce you to the new, local, organic grass-fed milk we’re now carrying at Urban Acres – County Line Farms from Earth, TX!

The mission of County Line Farms is to provide other families with clean and great tasting milk from their sustainable, organic certified, West Texas native grass pastures of contented, happy, and humanely treated cows.

County Line Farms starts with the highest quality raw organic milk that Mother Nature has to offer…. yielding the tastiest organic milk and dairy products from their own herd of grass fed and pasture raised animals. Their Holstein and Jersey cows are always free to roam on their organic certified pastures in Earth, TX. Grazing produces many more benefits for drinking milk with beta-carotenes, natural Omega-3’s and the CLA’s desired by many.

Their happy herd of humanely treated cows grazes on 3,000 acres of family owned and managed, organic, nutrient rich, West Texas plains farmland…consisting of lush green grasses, alfalfa, clover and other forage, producing natural Omega 3’s and higher levels of CLA’s. Our organic herd of dairy cows, eat no genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) as stated by current USDA Organic regulations.

County Line Farms’ cows have received the coveted Validus Certification for practicing the highest standards of animal welfare and overall herd health at their farm. This means humane animal handling and management along with food and water quality standards, and on farm security.

Try some County Line Farms milk and other dairy products at our store today!

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