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In Honor of Dallas Observer’s “Best Hippie Meat”: Fresh, Free-Range Texas Turkeys!

October 19, 2011

We’re proud to have won the “Best Hippie Meat” award from Dallas Observer this year!  So we thought those meat-lovers would really appreciate this – our second year of offering LOCAL FARM-FRESH TURKEYS for Thanksgiving!

These 100% pastured and organic Broad Breasted White Turkeys from our friends Jim & Kay Richardson at Richardson Farms in Rockdale, TX will be fresh and never have been frozen.

Who wants another frozen Butterball caged turkey when you can do something special this year with a bird that’s been raised humanely and locally?   This year, we’re offering this special to both members and non-members.  Order now, because we’ve only ordered 200 turkeys, and they’ll go quickly!


Farm-Fresh Turkey Prices:

  • $4.50/lb – MEMBERS ONLY!  (not a member?  join here.)
  • $5.50/lb – NON-MEMBERS

Size Options:

  • 12-16 lbs
  • 16-20 lbs
  • 20-24 lbs

There will be a $30 deposit to reserve your turkey.  You must pick up your turkey at one of our Urban Acres locations on Saturday, November 19th and pay the remainder of the cost minus the deposit. We won’t know the exact size or final cost until we receive them from the farmer.

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