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Interview With Mason Murphy of Camp Gladiator – New Lakewood Farm Stand Partner

October 14, 2011

Tomorrow is the first produce pickup at our new Lakewood farm stand!  We’re excited to partner with Skillman Church of Christ and Camp Gladiator on the new location.  The Lakewood farm stand at Skillman Church of Christ is right next to a park where Camp Gladiator has a boot camp on Saturday mornings.  So it’ll be the perfect opportunity for campers to work out, and then take home their produce afterwards!

Mason Murphy | Photo:

Hear about the Camp Gladiator/Urban Acres partnership from Mason Murphy, Director and Trainer for Camp Gladiator Dallas…

Mason, please share what Camp Gladiator is all about.
Camp Gladiator is Texas’ largest, and nation’s fastest-growing outdoor fitness company, and it all started right here in the Big D.  We just celebrated our three year anniversary and have grown from two locations in Dallas to over 100 in DFW!  Camp Gladiator provides a four week fitness program for adults that focuses on fun, challenging, unique, encouraging, and intense workouts for all fitness levels. We don’t wear combat boots and scream at our loyal and hard working campers. Instead, we pride ourselves in knowing them by name and encouraging them as we lead them through a different workout experience each and every session.  Campers are allowed and encouraged to attend literally any and every location that we offer as much as they want in a four week camp.  Campers call it the ultimate in convenience and value. We call it making an impact on a large scale the CG way!

Why has Camp Gladiator partnered with Urban Acres?  What do you hope this partnership will achieve?
We are proud to partner with Urban Acres because we understand the vital importance that proper nutrition plays in achieving ones health and fitness goals. We realize the significance of and accept our civic duty to support our local farmers by advocating food that is grown locally and organically, thus feeding our hard working and goal oriented campers the very best quality real food available.  It makes sense and it’s easy and convenient for our campers to work out for an hour with CG and literally leave that workout with their produce for the next two weeks! Once again, convenience and quality! A real rarity in today’s day and age.  We hope that this partnership will only aid in spreading the word in our community about the benefits of eating local and organic.

Camp Gladiator campers in action - Mason is on the far left | Photo:

How do you feel eating organic and locally grown produce helps one’s athletic performance?
Our campers work intensely for one solid hour and their nutritional needs, as a result of the high energy workouts, are truly great!  Feeding the body the very best quality food that we have available to us only makes sense when doing what is in our control to reach our health and fitness goals!  Urban Acres simply provides that for us. It really is that simple.

>> More Lakewood Farm Stand Info.

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