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Shannon Neffendorf of Oak Cliff Coffee Interviewed on Art House Dallas Blog

August 17, 2011

Photo: Darren Looker

We love this feature on our friend Shannon Neffendorf, founder of locally-roasted Oak Cliff Coffee, on the Art House Dallas blog.   If you haven’t already, please try Shannon’s delicious coffee – we always have it in stock at the store!

Discontentment is how I got started.  Years ago, in my former corporate job, I took a series of assignments in Milan, Italy.  I quickly made some friends over there and they pulled me into their daily espresso rituals.  My eyes were opened by the coffee culture in Italy.  It wasn’t just the quality of coffee there, but the quantity of place that you can get it.  And there’s little pretention or snobbery regarding it (although there is much opinion and care).  It’s just some guy (or old lady) behind the counter doing whatever she does really well… read more

Speaking of Art House Dallas, check out their new Art House Local gatherings – the next Oak Cliff group will be meeting in October.

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