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Gluten-Free Challenge: Fave Gluten-Free Products

August 15, 2011
Hello Gluten-Free Challenge folks!  We thought we’d share some of our current favorite gluten-free products with you.  We carry them all at Urban Acres if you want to give them a try! 
Let us know what you think…


We think Pamela’s makes some of the best-tasting gluten-free products ever…especially her baking mix that makes these amazing light and fluffy pancakes.

* * *

Wholesome Foods Bakery

Dallas-based Wholesome Foods Bakery is one of our newest artisan partnerships at Urban Acres.  They’re a totally gluten-free bakery created by Anne and Taylor, a mother/daughter celiac, lactose -intolerant duo. They were tired of the crumbly, dry options they found in the gluten-free world, and knew they could do it better…so they did!  Their goal is to never sacrifice even a tiny bit of taste, texture or enjoyment.   We think you’ll agree that they’ve accomplished that task when you taste their yummy baked goods!

* * *

Hail Merry

Hail Merry was one of our very first local artisan partnerships.  We love these folks and their delicious tarts, graw-nolas, and other raw, gluten-free snacks.  Hail Merry was created by Dallas-based raw food chef, Susan O’Brien. Her core philosophy is to bring awareness to the powerful benefits of healthy oils, which we must obtain from our diets. These plant based fats like Omega 3 & Oleic Acid can actually improve your cholesterol profile, reduce inflammation, and make your hair & skin more radiant!

Hail Merry products use cold pressed coconut oil, which contains lauric acid, known to promote a healthy immune system. Coconut oil also is comprised of medium chain fatty acids, which are quickly used as fuel for the body and are likely not going to be stored as body fat.

* * *

Nate’s Raw Harvest

Dallas personal trainer and holistic lifestyle enthusiast, Nathan Jackson, started Nate’s Raw Harvest pre-soaked organic nuts and seeds.  His belief in traditional cooking techniques using quality organic ingredients lead to the revival of pre-soaking.  Nuts and seeds contain phytic acid that rob you of vital minerals.  Pre-soaking nuts and seeds neutralizes the phytic acid and initiates the sprouting process which increases the nutrient density of the food.   If you eat nuts and seeds, then Nate’s Raw Harvest is truly the healthiest option for you on the market.  Others have tried to imitate, but always cut corners and use non-organic ingredients and sugars.  Nate’s Raw Harvest is 100% organic, raw, and just good ol’ nuts, seeds, and spices.  They are great for stand-alone snacks, or additions to your salads, yogurts, and other recipes and they taste great!

* * *

Ancient Harvest 

Ancient Harvest’s Quinoa pasta tastes so authentic, you would never know it’s gluten-free.  And we have Italians who’ve confirmed this fact!   They have 7 different types of pasta, from linguini to elbow macaroni.

* * *

Coconut Bliss

Coconut Bliss is a coconut milk ice cream that is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and vegan.  We promise you won’t feel “deprived” after tasting their creamy flavors.  Yum.


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