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Meet Our Prepared Foods Chef, Nicole Van Camp

April 6, 2011

If you think it’s crazy for a small local organic market to hire one of the top chefs in Dallas for their prepared foods, then you’d be exactly right.  We’re crazy about food and want to show folks that choosing local and organic can be creative and fun.  As we’ve been growing, we knew our next step was to introduce our customers to prepared foods that are convenient, healthy, and delicious.  But we needed the right chef for the job…we wanted to find someone who was super creative and understood where Urban Acres was going.

Nicole Van Camp (photo credit: Dallas Observer)

Along came Le Cordon Bleu San Francisco graduate, Nicole Van Camp. Previously working in Dallas restaurants like Nana at the Hilton Anatole and Bolsa here in Oak Cliff, Nicole has worked with some of the most famous chefs in our city.  She was even featured in a Dallas Observer article where she shared her amazing tattoos with the world.

Every week, Chef Nicole has free reign of the best local and organic ingredients the state of Texas has to offer, and that’s something no other prepared foods section here can give you…Local pastured chicken salad.  Organic mixed green with fresh-cut Texas arugula and farm-fresh goat cheese salad.  Grass-fed meatballs, organic pasta, fresh salsa, and much more.

If you’ve tried Nicole’s addictive Urban Acres Chicken Salad, or Curried Quinoa, or her creamy Turnip Soup, then you’ve already tasted her talents. And you can stop by Eno’s Pizza Tavern in the Bishop Arts District every Friday night when Nicole’s soup is on the menu for everyone to try.

I love working at Urban Acres because it’s so community oriented, and they’re really getting the organic, local, and healthy food out there. I’m learning new things about food everyday and in turn, I’m educating others. I love that when I place orders for the store, I am actually talking to the farmer directly, not just a representative for a huge company. Working at Urban Acres has helped me get back to my roots, eat real clean food, and get to know my neighbors!  -Nicole Van Camp

We love you, Chef Nicole!

Nicole visiting one of our farm partners in Blooming Grove, TX

Check our Prepared Foods section to see some of Nicole’s recent menus.


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