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Urban Acres Recipe Contest

January 28, 2011

We want to hear the delicious dishes you’re preparing at home so we are starting Urban Recipes – an ongoing (sometimes themed) recipe contest! Here’s how it works:

Submit a Recipe

  1. Use at least one item from Urban Acres – produce, meat or other item
  2. Include 1-3 photos
  3. Tell us a story behind the dish or why you like it

NEW CHANGES: We’ll pick a recipe to feature every month and, if you’re featured, you’ll receive $50 in credit* to the store. *Sometimes, we will do a specific prize like a knife set or kitchen appliance giveaway. It can be simple or complex, a family recipe, a healthy modification of a website or magazine’s recipe, or just something you made up.

Recipes cannot include artificial flavors, MSG, hydrogenated oils, etc….we want real ingredients! Please note, Urban Acres may modify your recipe to better reflect our health standards. Recipes can be for any kind of dish – appetizer, main course, or dessert. However, some months will be themed (i.e. – “feature a certain item”, breakfast foods, etc) with the theme being announced at least 2 weeks or so ahead.

Email your recipe, photos and story or why you like the recipe to bre {at} urbanacresmarket {dot} com. Happy cooking!


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