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Farm-Fresh Pearpourri

September 20, 2010

We know it can sometimes be a challenge to store and keep your organic produce as fresh as possible. We’re currently working on a page of the website with storage tips on every vegetable and fruit we’ve carried. More on that soon! In the meantime, here’s a great tip from one of our very talented coop members, Naomi Duckworth, who made some home-made air freshener with her extra pears. Homemade potpourri can also include orange and lemon peels, apples, peaches, and more.

Here’s what I did recently with a pear back-log that had been collecting in my crisper drawer:

This is a mix of different varieties of pear, but most of them were Asian pears, which happen to be more mild. So even though the fragrance isn’t quite as strong, they are still quite beautiful. And while I was actually drying them in the oven, the smell was amazing.

Here’s the steps I followed, collected from tips I found around the web:

  1. Slice the fruit about 1/8″ thick. (The exact thickness isn’t as important as getting them as even and uniform as possible.)
  2. Arrange in a single layer on sheets of parchment paper (or baking sheets) and bake in a 250º oven for a couple of hours, until no longer moist at all.
  3. Allow to cool for a few more hours, and put in a sealed container with a bunch of salt to keep it fresh. You can also add your spices at this point – cloves, cinnamon, etc.
You can keep it sealed up for a long time, and put it out whenever you want. Or even better, simmer some on the stove with a few spices, and it fills your whole house with the most lovely smell.
Thank you to Naomi for sharing her blog post. Visit her blog Eleventy for more great homemade design tips and feel free to share any creative uses and “recipes” you’ve done with your produce.
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