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What’s brewing at Urban Acres?

April 28, 2010

Photo credit: Jason Roberts

Urban Acres carries some delicious roasts provided by locally-owned Oak Cliff Coffee.

Oak Cliff Coffee “offers fair trade and organic coffees from around the world, as well as coffee that goes beyond fare trade standards.” Oak Cliff Coffee is owned by Shannon and Jenni Neffendorf.

Our desire to create a great coffee experience from aroma to taste to conversation through our beans.  Also to do our part, however small it may be, to create a better quality of life for the most crucial aspect of a good cup of coffee, the farm it’s grown on.

Some of our coffees are purchased directly from the producers, and others we purchase from importers who have established relationships with their producers.  All of our coffees have been carefully tasted and have met our standards in order for us to offer them to you.  We want to offer you a great product and to be able to tell why it is a great product.  As we grow, we hope to grow in our efforts in helping farmers abroad as well as contributing the community we live in.

Our customers’ favorites include one of their custom blends Victor Prosper French Roast, a delicious dark roast, as well as Guatemala Finca Villaure, a direct trade roast. Learn more about that direct trade partnership at their blog.

Ready to try some?!? Come and check out these blends and many others and take advantage of our current coffee sale of $2 off!

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