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Vital Farms

April 13, 2010

We are happy to introduce you to, well, the happiest hens ever!!! Meet Vital Farms whose “mission is the commitment to producing the highest quality eggs on Earth while consciously respecting the life of the hens and the health, wellness and happiness of customers.”

Their Ethos

Our goal is to embody responsible animal husbandry and quality food production. We achieve this by providing only the very best for our girls, in terms of their environment and the inputs we supply to their laying process. It’s a fairly simple formula really: plenty of salad and exercise!

  • Keeping the birds on fresh pasture is a labor-intensive process, and one that is central the quality of the birds’ lives as well as the eggs they produce. Regular rotation also keeps our pastures resilient and the birds full of green nutrition.
  • All of our pastures are certified organic, so of course we never use any chemicals or pesticides, but depend on natural growth. And the chickens do their part by providing a bit of organic fertilizer of their own!
  • While a hen can live on grass alone, chickens do require a feed ration to facilitate egg production. We source the very best organic feed we can find, which is certified organic and free from GMO corn, hormones, and pesticides.
  • The life our hens enjoy is designed to promote their natural instinctive behaviors. Roaming, foraging, and living outdoors is how hens were designed to spend their time, not in confinement or on a concrete floor. Also, our birds are each certified organic from day one, and receive no antibiotics because they don’t need them. Their active and healthy lifestyle means we don’t have to protect them from unsanitary, unnatural conditions. We do not de-beak our birds either, as this would hinder their foraging. It’s not necessary in the first place, because they’re not in an overcrowded environment.
  • Finally, we strive to be as environmentally sensitive as possible throughout our operation, utilizing 100% recycled PET bottles in our primary retail packaging. Because so much plastic has been produced and will be with us for a while, we think it’s important to continually reuse it.

Happy Chick Farm is their South Texas location and one of our new local egg providers. Read more about the benefits and healthier nutrition content of pasture-raised eggs here.

Buy some at the store or order online this week!!

  • 1 dozen for $5.59
  • 2 dozen for $10.00
  • 3 dozen for $13.50
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