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What do I do with Arugula, Basil, & Chives?

October 5, 2009

Kristine Orth, Steve Orth, Tommy DyerOur wonderful friends at the farm where we get some amazing herbs for Urban Acres got up at 2am on Saturday, October 3rd with head lamps on to pick these wonderful items for us.  Here is a photo of our volunteer Tommy at the pick-up location in Ennis, TX.  I’m sure you know by now that you’ve never tasted so much flavor.  That’s because these goodies are not only grown organically, and it doesn’t get fresher eating it the day it was harvested!

Arugula – Try throwing this in a pan with sautéed onions and mushrooms. Heat a pan on medium low with olive oil and add sliced or chopped onions.  Sprinkle some sea salt and let it cook low and slow for about 20 minutes.  As it starts to soften and become a slightly brown color, add the sliced mushrooms and then arugula.  Use this as a filling for fajitas, topping on a bison burger, or on top of a hot bowl of polenta and raw cheese for a veggie bowl like none other.

Our other favorite way to use arugula is to eat it raw.  Make bite-sized lettuce wraps with them.  Wrap the arugula around eggs and chicken sausage in the morning or try grass-fed beef with raw pepper jack.  Delicious!

Basil – Try torn basil leaves with Full Quiver Farms Mozzarella cheese that you can order through Urban Acres, juicy sliced tomatoes, and extra virgin olive oil drizzled on top. It’s also great torn into salads or chopped into scramble eggs.

Chives – These have a delicate wonderful flavor and they like to dance with dairy.  So chop them up finely and put them on your fried eggs or mix into your sour cream before you bite into a grass-fed beef taco.  The weather is cooling down and a great way to finish of your bowl of tomato basil soup is with a handful of chopped chives.  An easy way to cut chives is to snip little pieces off with kitchen scissors.

Important Note – these items should be eaten within the first week to enjoy them at their best!

Enjoy!  If you have any other ideas of ways to eat these goodies, post a comment and let us know!

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